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Timing is everything with the holiday season. We'll provide you the right guides at the right time to crush you Christmas marketing.

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Learn about your expert marketers ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป

Micah Cohen

Head of Growth at Twenty20

Formerly User Acquisition Manager at LivingSocial, Micah has helped businesses scale to millions through digital growth. He has a wealth of knowledge across digital advertising, email marketing, product-sharing loops, social campaigns & more.

Olga Rabo

Demand Generation at Iconosquare

Currently focused on Lead Generation / Content Strategy at Iconosquare, Olga's goal is to teach brands how to collect and harness data in order to develop strong marketing foundations and grow their business. Previously, she worked at Styla as an inbound marketer.

Sujan Patel

Growth Marketer. Co-founder of WebProfits

In his 13 years of internet marketing Sujan has led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Sales Force, Mint, Zillow, Linkedin and many other Fortune 500 companies. Last year he helped drive 8.2 milion unique visitors to his client's sites.

Marta Olszewska

Head of Marketing at Piktochart

Marta is a marketer by education, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist and web strategist by experience and photographer by passion. Having worked on both the agency and on the customer side for more than 8 years now, she has formed and implemented digital marketing strategies for a range of different industries and products.

Eric Siu

Growth Everywhere Founder, Single Grain CEO

Eric's background is in internet marketing, and he previously ran the growth team at online education startup Treehouse. He also has consulted for various Fortune 500 companies and venture backed startups. He co-hosts the Marketing School Podcast with Neil Patel & runs his own Growth Everywhere podcast that interviews world-class entrepreneurs.

Adam Lovallo

Co-founder & Editor at Grow.co

Adam was lucky to learn a great deal about growth as an early employee at LivingSocial. While at LivingSocial, he found it challenging to find likeminded professionals working in the growth space (particularly those working on mobile apps). Adam co-founded Grow.co to help organize that community.

Kara Dake

VP of Growth & Partnerships at CleverTap

Kara Dake develops strategic partnerships and drives business development and marketing initiatives for CleverTap. She also provides consultation to CleverTap's customers to accelerate their business growth. She is an active supporter of the technology ecosystem and advocate for women in mobile and digital.

Tracey Wallace

Editor in Chief, BigCommerce

Tracey runs BigCommerceโ€™s blog and case study program, where she talks and strategizes with brands making more than $5,000,000 in annual revenue online about what works and what doesnโ€™t. She then shares those insights with the market. Before BigCommerce, she helped grow ecommerce brands to $1,000,000 in annual revenue through content marketing, events and email strategy.

Tim Thimmaiah

CEO & Co-founder at ToneDen

Tim has built ToneDen as a platform for automating social marketing for over 500,000 creators, brands, and businesses around the world.

Franco Caporale

Head of Enterprise Marketing at Branch

Franco is a demand generation and sales development expert passionate about scaling lead generation engines for Saas startups.

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